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Eco-Friendly Flooring

With people becoming more conscious about using eco-friendly products, Infinity Flooring Inc is proud to introduce you to two of our green products- bamboo flooring and cork flooring. We provide high-quality flooring with hassle-free installation services in Eastern Ontario. With our floor specialists at work, you can rest assured about the quality of the finish. We ensure that all installation and repair works are finished on time and budget to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us for a free consultation.

Cork Flooring

A great eco-friendly option for a premium look, cork flooring is one of the most beautiful and comfortable floor material options available with numerous benefits. Cork is compressed into sheets bonded with resins to create flooring products. It is, therefore, a completely natural, recurring, and easily replenishable material. It is incredibly resilient once installed. This feature contributes to the durability of the floor as it allows the floor to naturally resist damage from scratching and denting due to impact and friction. It has an excellent recovering ability from high heels and abrasion. And because of its durability, it is highly suitable for both commercial and residential applications including installation in places where other flooring types are not recommended.

Our Manufacturers

Learn more from all our manufacturers listed below that provide the products that we offer.


             Luxury vinyl                                

             Luxury vinyl                                

Is Durability Your Pick?

Luxury vinyl and marmoleum are some of the best options to choose from when you are looking to remodel your commercial spaces.

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